Personal Branding

Hi again!

The work, and projects make this blog a little difficult to maintain, but if you want, there are time to do everything, the limits are just in your mind.

I have lots of things to talk about and today I will write about a non technical aspects. I will talk about Personal Branding©.

I am not an expert of personal branding, but after reading a little bid, I will try to explain what is personal branding for me. In my job, as Sysadmin and System analyst, the most important points to be improved are the confidence between team and clients. If your team trust in your work and your skills this will improve different things.

The first, you. If you feel you are doing a great work, the next time a problem appears you will have the enough courage to face up and beat it. When I was young I played basketball, once my trainer said me, the difference between the teams of A league and B league are not the height, strength, of the velocity, what really makes the difference is in the mind. The A teams know they will score, and if they fail, they will try again and again with the same confidence. The B teams, once they fail the first score they loose confidence in their own, and the next shot the most provably it that they will fail again.

Believe you can do it, is the biggest help you can have.

This video can help to believe in my words.

Next point, in next post. Stay cloud!

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