Systems Architecture for non-technicals

Hi everyone again,

It has been a lot of time since my last post. I’m working hard at @Incubio and a few months ago I wrote a post for the official blog talking about systems architecture. In this post I explain the base of architecture for non technical people.
I hope this could be useful for those who have to take decisions and need to understand the big picture.

A good architecture is one that has scalability

If you’re a entrepreneur, or you would like to be, I recommend to read the Incubio Blog, ideas, tips and the experience of people who is already trying new business.

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Architecture and Scalability

Hi everyone!

First of all, happy new year! One of my intentions of this year is to write more often in my blog, we’ll see next year.

Today I will talk about Architecture and Scalability of systems. This post is just to show my last presentation at Incubio about this interesting topic. At this presentation I’ve developed a slides to teach all the startups (engineers and CEOs) about how important is to think in the scalability from the very beginning of the project. Why? Because, the most of the startups just have 1 shoot, and once they made this shoot and they are successful, they need to grow, and their infrastructure too. Taking care of small details in the early stages could save lot of money in next stages.


If you have any comments, please feel free to ask! I have a part of the speech recorded, I’ve got some technical problems and I just have the first 20 minutes, I hope I will repeat this speech and get fully recorded, if you want it, ask for it and I will try to upload to youtube.
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Google datacenter security


A few days ago I watched at Youtube an interesting video of Google Datacenter security. I would like to remark the intensive vigilance to disks. If they appreciate any kind of bad performance or error, they get this hard drive to an specialized lab. There the engineers try to know what’s going on, if there is nothing to to with this drive, the destruction is their final stage. Quite interesting methods…

A few years ago, I went to a Google talk in my university (UPC – FIB), one of the most amazing thing I remember from that talk was that the most expensive bill that Google has to pay, are not the salaries nor the bonus, the most expensive bill was the energy. If I don’t remember bad, they said that more o less Google spends 1M$ in energy every month per datacenter. That’s why Google is investing a lot of money in renewable energy companies.

Take a look of the video!


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