Amazon Elastic Transcoder

Hi cloud lovers,

A few weeks ago Amazon Web Services announce Amazon Elastic Transcoder, and it is the first time I’m not happy with a new service of Amazon AWS. I suppose it’s caused because I’ve been working with my own solution of video encoding and it has lots of options than Amazon doesn’t offer me, and make me completely inviable trying to use their solution.

This opinion doesn’t mean than your company/project could take benefit of this simple encoder. If it fits your needs, provably it’s the best option, but, I’m sure, there are other companies with much more experience and options in the market.

In average we suppose a video size 100MB and 1 minute long for HD video.

If we compare prices: 0,49$ encoding minute ( 100MB = minute => 10.000MB / 100MB = 100 minutes => 49$ / 100 = 0,49$ minute )
AWS 0.30$ Minute for HD 0,08$ encoding minute ( 40$ for 1000 minutes / 2 for HD videos = 0,08$ minute ) 99$ fixed pricing

Amazon offers a great price and a very easy integration. If you just want an easy solution of video transcoding, AWS could be you option. Otherwise, if you need more tweaking, like strange video formats or more options that AWS doesn’t offer you, there are a lots of other options with great prices too that will fit you needs.

In my opinion, AWS is quite simple, and I’m completely sure that the future will upgrade this transcoder. For AWS the elastic transcoder is not their big service, it’s just another service to complement their cloud, and it has been focused too much in the mobile market and not in the rest of options. Provably this is the market with most potential users in the cloud at this days.

Time will answer all of this questions, until them, stay cloud!

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