MongoDB $regex not working

This will be a quick tip of Mongodb:

I usually try my regular expressions in a Regular Expression “helper” I use gskinner and it’s really nice. My problem appears when here it perfectly works, and not in Mongodb shell.

My regexp:


This regular expression match with any word that starts with a decimal [0-9]

What was my mongodb query?

db.zips.find({ "city" : { $regex : "\d\w*" } })

Where was my mistake?


I thought that the regexp has to be inside “” and it has to be between / /

The solution

 db.zips.find({ "city" : { $regex : /\d\w*/ } }) 

It works perfectly!

This happened to me later in Nginx, I think mongodb and nginx use Perl PCRE.

Useful links

MongoDB $regex doc: $regex
Regular Expression Cheat Sheet
Regular Expression helper: gskinner

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